kickingpixie sent: hi, you've probably been asked this a lot and I've gone through your blog but can't seem to find an answer but what is the drama or movie that you use as a gif in your sideblog? Sorry to be really annoying, I've just found your blog and I've kind of died of happiness because I've basically just discovered so many more dramas I'll love aha oxoxo <33

The gif in the sidebar is from Secret Garden! It’s one of my favorites and I hope you check it out :)

jiyeolie sent: I was wondering but where do you download your dramas from, high quality(ish) for your gifs^^? Your blog is really niice and thankyou soo much :))

I download torrent files in HD formats. I am a member of a private torrent site, that’s where I download from. There are other places to download HD files from though that don’t require membership.

etocetora sent: Hi! your blog is pretty!! nee, from what drama is that gif? /post/49125421882 and the gif of your page? thnks <3

The drama is She is Wow. The name of the drama is in the tags.

The gif on our blog page is from Secret Garden.

Anonymous sent: So how do we know which admin is on? e.e

I’m the only active admin (Meghan). Judy has been stolen away completely by the kpop fandoms. She also has like school and stuff, where I just have a job and nothing else to fill my time.

is-time-to-fangirl replied to your post: It’s really hard making drama gifs of your…

more she is wow gifs? *—* i love it

I’m trying to restrain myself from gif-ing all of Jinyoung’s scenes. It’s a struggle tbh. Lol.